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Steve and Shy Talk have been featured in many publications over the years. Here is a work-in-progress list, along with some links to where you can buy books, where necessary.

If you have something to add to this list, please contact me.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this compilation.

'Manchester: It Never Rains...' - Gareth Ashton

'Anarchy in the Year Zero' - Clinton Heylin

'Friends of Mine: Punk in Manchester 1976-78' - Martin Ryan

'I swear I was there - Sex Pistols, Manchester and the Gig that Changed the World' - David Nolan

'Buzzcocks: The Complete History.' Tony McGartland

‘Factory: The Story of the Record Label’ - Mick Middles

‘Anarchy in the Year Zero’ - Clinton Heylin

'Torn Apart: The Life of Ian Curtis' - Mick Middles & Lindsay Reade

'Confusion: Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Verus the World' - Bernard Sumner

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