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Steve made a few appearances on Fiona Ledgards ALL FM radio show, selecting music and enjoying some great conversation. The two shared a strong friendship and his catchphrase "There's only two types of music, good music and bad music" soon became commonplace.

Click below and enjoy the much-missed sound of Ste's lovely voice...

Fiona Ledgard and Steve Shy plug 'Noise Annoys' punk film night and panel discussion at Kraak!

15/10/09 The Anything Goes Breakfast Show with Steve Shy

18/08/11 The Anything Goes Breakfast Show with Steve Shy (Round 2)

Fiona Ledgard is an Active Lifestyle Coordinator, delivering all kinds of uplifting fitness and wellbeing sessions. For 8 years she presented eclectic radio shows on Manchester’s ALL FM. She became good friends with Steve Shy after meeting him at a Dirty North gig, at a wild basement party in the city centre in 2009. 

From 2011-2021 Fiona played the drums in psychedelic punk bands Womb and ILL, and Steve was incredibly supportive of these bands, and thousands of other bands on the DIY music scene in Manchester and beyond. 

Steve’s love of music, social history, and people, was hugely celebrated each time he was a guest on Fiona’s radio show. 

Fiona was honoured to speak at Steve’s funeral and is eternally grateful for the positive impact he has had on her life.




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